Navy SEAL Program - The Process

Program Overview  |  Networking Effect  |  The Process  |  Key Considerations  |  Executive Coaching

Below is the process we recommend at such time your private club chooses to implement this program.

(1)  Private club members volunteer to be on the Coordinating Committee for one Navy SEAL mentorship at a time

(2)  SEAL candidates are interviewed by the Coordinating Committee

(3)  One SEAL is selected for mentorship per year

(4)  Arrange informational meetings with other club members and accomplished executives to share life lessons on what it takes to have a successful career

Desired Outcomes

(1)  Career opportunity emerges for SEAL

(2)  At a minimum, Navy SEAL is better prepared for life and a career in business

If you have questions, or would like to better understand how to mentor a Navy SEAL, please contact our program leader.

Gregory J. Zedlar
Lakeside Golf Club
818.766.0660 x 214