Our Financial Planning Process


We discover your:

  • Money Personality
  • Goals
  • Current Financial Status

You assess our:

  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Fees

We will formalize our relationship with a Client Engagement Agreement.

Select Investments

We take into consideration:

  • Goals
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Money Personality
  • Time Frame
  • Status of Stock Market
  • Current Economy
  • Tax Ramifications

We will move urgently and accurately to implement our agreed upon strategies and tactics.

Monitor & Update

We will automatically:

  • Review Investment Returns
  • Add Investments
  • Remove Investments
  • Replace Investments

As full discretion advisors, we will automatically update your accounts, as needed and within your risk tolerance, in order to help you pursue your stated financial goals.

We Strive to Prevent & Solve Problems

Our firm will proactively:

  • Prevent problems
  • Solve problems quickly as they arise
  • Answer your questions
  • Return your call promptly
  • Update you on material events that impact your accounts
  • Work as a team toward reaching your financial goals

When a problem occurs, let’s both work together diligently to solve it quickly and satisfactorily.