Navy SEAL Program - Executive Coaching

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Our Executive Coaches work one-on-one with the Navy SEAL, honing their business skills to help create a smoother transition to the civilian job market.

How an Executive Coach Helps

•  Teach the SEAL business etiquette

•  Educate the SEAL on how to conduct themselves in meetings and business settings

•  Help the SEAL boost their interview skills

•  Introduce the SEAL to your professional network

•  Allow the SEAL to shadow you, or an employee, at work

•  Teach the SEAL how to properly follow up to a meeting, interview and other scenarios

•  Take the SEAL golfing or another type of casual networking event or outing

If you have questions, or would like to better understand how to mentor a Navy SEAL, please contact our program leader.

Gregory J. Zedlar
Lakeside Golf Club
818.766.0660 x 214