Partnership Agreement

Our Pledge to You

  • Commitment to telling you the plain, unvarnished truth
  • We will invest your capital as carefully we do our own
  • We will provide you with unbiased research
  • When we tell you we will do something, we do it
  • We will be deeply committed to the realization of your financial goals
  • We will update your financial plan as your needs change
  • Communication regarding the stock market will be timely and consistent
  • We will respond to all communications within one business day
  • Our staff is easily accessible, friendly and knowledgeable
  • Take diligent notes for all meetings and conversations
  • Maintain copies of important documents

We Ask that You

  • Commit to telling us the plain unvarnished truth
  • Call our firm when you need Advice or Service
  • When you tell us you will do something, please do it
  • Work with us in a spirit of mutual trust
  • Be clear and upfront about your true intentions
  • Ask questions - we want you to understand our strategies
  • When you agree to our advice, allow our office to implement the advice in a timely manner
  • Let us know if a material change occurs in your situation so we can adjust our advice or strategy accordingly
  • Utilize Scott Hemmann, Client Service Director, as your primary service contact
  • Please match our urgency when returning phone calls and emails
  • Please use voicemail effectively