Our Approach to Market Volatility

Virus Crisis Client Communications

10/7/20 - A Presidential Election in the Year of The Covid
This year's election feels extremely important, contentious and uncertain for many Americans. Greg addresses how this year's presidential election compares with those throughout our country's history and how our Investment Planning Committee views the election from an investment management perspective.

8/7/20 - Cal Cap's Year-to-Date Downturn Strategy History
An updated review of how Cal Cap has taken advantage of panic and volatility year-to-date for our clients.

4/17/20 - Crossing the Bridge with Positive News

There's a whole lot of negativity out there. Focusing on the positive is a key way to help us "soar" over the virus crisis bridge. We've compiled a few interesting stories about Americans using their ingenuity and compassion to help defeat the coronavirus and look toward the future.

4/15/20 - The Bridge Over the Virus Crisis
Governments are planning for life after the coronavirus and companies are entering their first earnings season of the virus crisis. These and other factors could create our next bout of market volatility. At Cal Cap, we believe it's a pivotal time for individuals to choose how they want to "cross the bridge" during the next wave of the virus crisis.

4/8/20 - Virus Crisis Small Business Administration (SBA) Lending Options [UPDATED 5/27/20]
We’ve all seen the headlines about many small businesses having to shut down during the virus crisis. Here are a few resources we hope may be helpful should you (or someone you know) consider applying for relief via one of the virus crisis SBA loan programs.

4/2/20 - BASICS of Financial Planning: Virus Crisis Edition
During challenging times, it helps to focus on how we can act today to gain a sense of control. Here are some of Cal Cap's financial planning-related suggestions to help get through the virus crisis.

3/27/20 - The Worrying Twenties Will Give Way to The Roaring Twenties

The virus crisis has virtually everyone worried - about their mortality, the mortality of those they care about and/or their financial situation. Here are Cal Cap's thoughts on how we as Americans can look at our own history as a reminder of how we persevere through the toughest of times.

3/25/20 - Office Hours & Team Self-Care
Just like in our personal lives, our Cal Cap team is adopting new habits of self-care to remain positive and productive for ourselves and our clients during the virus crisis.

3/24/20 - Cal Cap's Opportunistic Buys for Client Portfolios
In the wake of the coronavirus and resulting market volatility, Cal Cap's Investment Committee is actively seeking and purchasing certain stocks we consider "opportunistic buys" to benefit clients in the long-term.

3/19/20 - March Madness: Cal Cap's Perspective on Current Challenges

Read Cal Cap's commentary on the challenges we anticipate just around the corner and further down the road as a result of the coronavirus and associated panic, mania and hysteria.

3/16/20 - Cal Cap's Downturn Strategy Commentary
Check out our email to clients reminding them that the intention of Cal Cap's Downturn Strategy is to provide clients with an opportunity to buy and profit when others panic.

3/16/20 - Downturn Strategy Implementation
Review how Cal Cap has taken advantage of panic and volatility year-to-date for our clients.

3/9/20 - Downturn Strategy Update from Cal Cap Investment Committee
An email from our Investment Committee to clients sharing when Cal Cap's next Downturn Strategy buys would be and recapping action our firm has taken to date.

Our Principal-Based Approach to Investing

Benchmark Returns 1987-2019
Take a look at how stocks and bonds have performed from 1987 through 2019. We use the Dow Jones Industrial Average as our benchmark for stocks and the Barclay's U.S. Aggregate as our benchmark for bonds.

What You Think We Do vs. What We Actually Do
To help our clients enjoy strong investment returns, we focus on the things we can control and we don’t worry about the things we cannot control.

Cal Cap Investment Philosophy
In times of market volatility, an investor has two options - panic, or take advantage of the panic. We choose to take advantage of volatility in the stock market to buy high quality investments at a discount.

Cal Cap Market Downturn Strategies
When the market experiences a significant downturn - 10% or more from its most recent high - we have a few options on how clients can choose to respond to the downturn based on their risk tolerance, etc.