Advice & Service Meetings

Advice or Service on Request
When you need advice or service – call us. We are here to serve you. Contact our Client Service Manager, Arika Bishop, to schedule a time to meet with your financial advisor.

Formal Account Reviews
Typically, we reach out to our clients twice per year to schedule formal account reviews and receive updates on a client’s financial situation. We schedule our comprehensive reviews in the beginning of the year (February through May). Any follow up account reviews occur toward the end of the year (September through November).

Customary Service Meeting Schedule

  • February through May - Comprehensive Service Meeting
  • September through November - Account Performance Review

Service Meeting Details

  • We hold client meetings Tuesday through Thursday. First meeting starts at 10:00am and last meeting begins at 4:00pm.
  • During our peak service periods, we set aside one Monday and one Friday per month for client appointments
  • Individual meetings can be conducted in-person, via Zoom or teleconference

Specific Issue Review
When you have a significant change in your financial situation, please reach out to us. We can hold a formal conversation around a specific issue, such as buying a new home, changing jobs, obtaining or refinancing debt or settling an estate throughout the year. To schedule a specific-issue meeting with your financial advisor, please contact Arika Bishop.

Internet Access to Your Accounts & Statements 24/7
Upon request, we will establish a login and password for you to review your investment accounts online via our Cal Cap Portal, which includes an archive of your Cal Cap monthly statements. Contact Molly Bertram for help setting up your Cal Cap Portal, or if you have trouble accessing your portal.

We consistently rely on email to keep our clients notified of important happenings in the stock market and economy; changes in tax, retirement or estate planning laws; or upcoming events and deadlines.