Scott G. Hemmann

Scott G. Hemmann

Chief Compliance Officer

My role is to act as our company's compliance expert. I make sure that Cal Cap stays up-to-date on new government rules and regulations that affect our clients and our business.

I previously served as Cal Cap’s Client Service Director for over 20 years. During that time, I played a meaningful part in helping many of our clients retire. I now find myself gradually transitioning to retirement as well.

I am currently working part-time, my goal being to transition to full retirement within the next few years.

Having helped establish many of the client service principles and processes here at Cal Cap, my priority at this time is to continue to share my intrinsic knowledge, Cal Cap’s client service ethics and our attention to detail to Arika and Connie, my successors in client service.  I now focus the majority of my time to maintaining our clean compliance records with the SEC, FINRA and any other applicable government regulators.

Most of my life I’ve lived in California, with brief forays to Pakistan, Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. I love feature films of all genres, and I am often at my local movie theater at least once or twice per week.