Khrysten J. Baltazar

Khrysten J. Baltazar

Portfolio Management Director

My role is to collaborate with our Investment Planning Committee’s (IPC) Chair, Greg Zedlar, in the evolution and maintenance of our Cal Cap portfolio strategies.

I research and analyze investment opportunities across a wide range of industries, utilizing a variety of publications along with direct information included within company earnings calls. Greg and I then work together to create the next iteration of our Cal Cap portfolios that we believe best incorporates the trends we see in the economy and investment markets. We present our joint recommendations to the entire IPC to garner feedback and select the best course of action.

Whether it’s implementing the next version of your Cal Cap portfolio or your individual Downturn Strategy, I execute all trades when client accounts need to be reallocated or rebalanced. I also conduct quality control on our clients' performance statements to ensure accuracy in our reporting.

I started my investment research career with California Capital Management in 2013. I am a Level III CFA Candidate and intend to complete the program in Fall 2022 to further enhance my portfolio management skills. As one of your portfolio managers, I aim to create investment strategies that meet each client’s risk tolerance, timeframe, and financial goals.

Outside of the office, I enjoy spinning, spending time with family and baking for my nieces and nephews.