Arika O. Bishop

Arika O. Bishop

Client Service Manager

My role is to answer your questions and resolve any client service issues you may have.

Along with Connie, I am the best person for you to contact when you have a client service need. Please reach out to me first to schedule a meeting or teleconference with your financial advisor. You are also welcome to reach out to me if you need to withdraw money for your account, have a question regarding a form we've sent you or have a general service question.

I joined California Capital Management in 2015. My professional background is in retail, where I worked my way up to merchandising manager for Macy's during my 17-year tenure. I feel my desire to provide the best customer service transfers to giving our clients the excellent service they deserve. My goal at Cal Cap is to continue to gain as much knowledge as possible to expand my areas of expertise.

Outside of the office, I enjoy hiking and occasionally my husband and I foster orphaned kittens from the Burbank Animal Shelter.