Our Approach to Market Volatility

What You Think We Do vs. What We Actually Do
To help our clients enjoy strong investment returns, we focus on the things we can control and we don’t worry about the things we cannot control.

Taking Advantage of Volatility with a Systematic Downturn Strategy - October 31, 2018
Greg Zedlar, our Investment Planning Committee Chairman, discusses how we take advantage of volatility via our systematic Downturn Strategy on our clients' behalf.

Potential Causes of this Current Bout of Volatility - October 31, 2018
Greg Zedlar shares what we see as the potential causes of the stock market fluctuations we've experienced during the last few weeks.

Cal Cap Investment Philosophy
In times of market volatility, an investor has two options - panic, or take advantage of the panic. We choose to take advantage of volatility in the stock market to buy high quality investments at a discount.

Cal Cap Market Downturn Strategies
When the market experiences a significant downturn - 10% or more from its most recent high - we have a few options on how clients can choose to respond to the downturn based on their risk tolerance, etc.

Downturn Buying Matrix
During market volatility we help our clients do what they need to do to profit from a downturn instead of what we all want to do, which is panic.